Pacific National Television (PNTV) is an innovative public media provider. We are an unique cultural and educational institution that harnesses the power of television and electronic media to inform, enlighten, entertain and inspire.

As a public television station of the Sacramento area PNTV reaches millions of people with programming that celebrates arts and culture, offers insightful commentary on the affairs of the day, explores the worlds of science and nature, and invites young people to have fun while learning. PNTV’s broadcast schedule features a dynamic mix of programming.

PNTV carries the shows that are informative to moms, parents, business owners and much more. Our On Demand gives viewers the opportunity to watch their favorite programs on their own schedules. These broadcast and cable services are joined by PNTV.us, an exciting online destination, where the public can explore public television content in new ways, viewing streaming video, as well as exclusive online series, lectures and other features.

As part of its mission to use media to create lifelong learning opportunities, PNTV’s Education wing reaches out to millions of educators and students every year with online initiatives, publications and outreach.

All of this work is made possible by the community of partners and supporters that keep PNTV independent and vital. With its unique approach to the television medium, productions and presentations, groundbreaking educational services, and a program schedule that sets it apart from all other television outlets, PNTV creates a dynamic and revered place in the media landscape – a place known and respected for its uncompromising commitment to intelligence, integrity, innovation, and inspiration.